Hedonic rental price index

  • Apartment rental price has since 2010 risen 18%, house rental price 17%

    Between 2010 and 2019, the rental price of an apartment in the Flemish Region went up by 18%. This is an annual increase of 1.8%. The rise in the rental prices of houses over the same time period is slightly less marked, with an increase of 17%. This is shown by the hedonic rental price index which reflects how the rental market value of the same home evolves over time. 


Housing Agency - Flanders (Agentschap Wonen-Vlaanderen) - (Steunpunt Wonen) (Housing Support Centre):  De Huurschatter (Rent Estimator)  


Hedonic rental price index: index which reflects how the rental price for one and the same home evolves over time. The index does not factor in that rental prices rise because, for example, the rental housing stock is improving (better quality, larger floor area, better location). 

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29 October 2019

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